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I am Jonathan Hondorf and I am running for Boulder City Council. With your support, I look forward to representing you in the task of managing our great city as well as being a leader in promoting positive changes. Being a representative on city council requires dedication, knowledge, common sense, leadership, and the ability to bridge the gap on divisive issues through collaborative community engagement. My 38 years in Boulder as a business owner, family man, and civic volunteer have honed my skills in all of these requirements. My platform strongly focuses on issues that are vitally important to Boulder that I call the four E's: energy, economic, environment, and education.

Boulder faces some very important issues in the coming years and during these challenging times I believe that I am qualified to help effectively manage our city resources while continuing to foster the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that has defined Boulder since its inception. The struggles of families to live and work in Boulder must have a higher priority. Boulder has never been afraid to be bold in applying innovative and creative solutions to our built environment and how it interfaces with our natural environment. Doing so requires knowledge, skill, and a dedication to the future and well as the present. We have been a national leader in how humans carefully interface and tread softly on this earth and we must continue to lead.

It is essential that we continue to preserve and expand Boulder's vibrant cultural and educational facilities while helping the business community and families to survive and flourish that will ensure our city's relevance and survival. These challenging times require bold actions on our part and not just actions that retreat into the entrenched status quo decisions of years past.

I ask for your support and help in being elected to city council this year.
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A copy of our report is filed with the City Clerk of the City of Boulder, CO
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Contact Jonathan:

P. O. Box 4303
Boulder, Co 80306
(303) 589-8514